Making any kind of art can be a vibrant therapy  that can be used to create beneficial and positive feelings through the use of colour and “flow”..

During my workshops we:

  • teach the technique of painting on silk.
  • help participants to “mine” the creative aspects of their right hemisphere.
  • teach EFT technique.

Benefits of attending my workshops:

  • Positive colours are connected to joy, because each colour creates vibrations is linked to our bodies inner vibrations or energy centres.
  • In to my workshops I share my excitement and passion for creativity and hope to assist in facilitating a person’s inner transformation and connect them with their “inner child”.

In to my workshops, children can express their feelings through the art and enjoy their creative time, whilst the parents can take time out or watch as their little ones develop new and important intellectual and creative skills.

Let’s support the little ones through their participation in these creative events for them and let them express their feelings and create memorable pieces of art you will treasure for years. 



Where: Hands on Art, 150 Enoggera Terrace, Paddington, QLD, 4064

Price: $100